Heavy Recovery  Unit

Our main responsibility is to provide recovery of vehicles that have left the described route through mechanical breakdown or running out of road.  We also do allot of side by side training with Rescue units so that when on the scene of a significant incident we can assist the rescue unit to deal with the incident.  This maybe through simply fending off the incident to supplying an extra pair of hands and legs to get and pass equipment from the rescue unit.  We also provide stabalisation and support to the vehicle where its needed to make sure that any extrication of casualties can be done as safely as possible without any more movement of the vehicle than is necessary.


Why Us ?


20 Years Experience in Motorsport

Involved in the organising team of the Plains rally for many years and a regular on motorsport events


Radio Equipment

MSA 81 radio and VHF & UHF radios installed


Full Lightbar

Fully euipped LED Lightbar and additional lighting that exceed the blue book requirements


L200 4x4

Awesome on forest stages and with adjustable ride height, ground clearance is not an issue


Siren & PA

Full 100 watt Multi tone siren and PA facilities


Heavy Recovery

Winch, Harvey frost crane, we are there when we are most needed